For those of you who don't follow along on Facebook, we recently made a huge announcement, explaining why I've been such a slacker lately: Screen-shot-2014-06-27-at-12.01.08-PM


Yes, yes, I am with child - and NBD but it's due on Jesus' birthday. Did I briefly entertain the idea of posing in a Nativity scene for a Christmas card? Yes, but only briefly, calm down. Am I selfishly hoping the baby comes a little later so I can have one last lazy Christmas morning at my parents' house? Um, duh.

We really could not be more excited about this next adventure and have been so touched and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support we've already received!

My Grammy - diva of all Japanese divas- hosts a big Christmas party every year. And while she was delighted at our news, the party may explain her lukewarm reaction to our baby's due date:

Fujiko Baby Reaction from MaJeCla on Vimeo.

We told our moms on Mother's Day and they both freaked out in their own special ways. Look at those faces - both first time grandmas!

photo (11)


To answer some FAQs:

-Yes, I was pretty sick for a while there, subsisting mostly on lemonade and Pringles... but it's subsiding as I'm into second trimester now.

-No, I'm not showing yet, but I'll post some pics once the bump makes an appearance.

-No, we don't know the gender yet but YES, we are planning to find out, sometime in August.

-No, Werewolf Jesus won't turn into a mommy blog. Don't worry -  we all know my photography skills aren't good enough for that. 


I'll have a real post for you after the holiday, I promise. In the meantime, I'll be busy singing the national anthem in the direction of my bellybutton. Patriotism starts in the womb, guys. AMERICA.