A little over a year ago, I was driving up from our old apartment in Boston to an emergency meeting of My Corner. Brandi, our resident bossy Asian, had summoned us for the sole purpose of encouragement. A meeting to actually pass courage on to each other, wicking light like torches. Each of us was torn up and wearied by our own private battles, plodding through the New England winter and feeling quite blue. After a round of warm hugs and mojitos, as we sat and sipped and shared, it became clear why Brandi thought we might need some bravery. We each had come to a place where we felt a singular, deep desire for a something that didn't seem to have an immediate place in our current story. An opportunity, a spouse, a relocation, a child, a career change. Our heads bickering with our hearts, we asked those impossible questions all twenty-something Christians seem to ask: 

Should we leap, trusting that God placed those desires in us and would provide to see them fulfilled?

Or should we sit and wait, trusting that His timing is perfect?

What is true faith?

What is true trust?

How can we be smart and brave?

As we took turns spilling dreams, I sat chewing on my lime and thinking I deeply desire to finish my book. But that's crazy talk! I can't leave behind my career, my financial security, my corporate self! When eyes were on me, I blurted it out before reason could clamp down:


And I did a little ducking slouch, expecting them to explain how irresponsible that would be. But of course they didnt.


said Brandi. "We've all tried to be happy for you when you got new jobs and promotions, but for goodness sake, it's about time. FINISH YOUR BOOK. Do you know what I would give to have my desires so easily met? You have a chance to chase your dream and you're letting fear get in the way? That's crazy."

Remember how my friends are better than yours?

Brandi was right. My deep desire was only blocked by my own fear. Hers was a little more complicated. When it came to her turn, she said she and her husband Danny were yearning to adopt, but weren't sure how the logistics would work out. Brandi herself is adopted and knows firsthand that adoption is expensive, it's time-consuming, it's life-invading. AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL. 

We wrapped up the night and agreed to pray for each others' desires every Wednesday. And every week I'd think of my wonderful friends and their unique and lovely dreams and the God who gave us to each other.

A lot can happen in a year.

I'd think. It's  something Drew says to me when I spiral out and need a pep talk.  I tend to shrink time and panic at how little I can fit into the days and months. But hope is wonderfully inappropriate and Drew, steady old Drew, will always simply reply, "a lot can happen in a year".

So week after week, I'd press my eyelids down and hope:

A lot can happen in a year.

And I quit my job.

A lot can happen in a year.

Brandi got a new job and they paid off some debt.

A lot can happen in a year.

They took the leap and got 'paper pregnant'.

A lot can happen in a year.

We moved into the apartment above them witnessing all of the paperwork and home visits.

A lot can happen in a year.

Within weeks of being "on the market", they were put in touch with a beautiful, God-loving girl in Texas who was expecting a baby in just a few short weeks.

A  lot can happen in a year.

And yesterday, after 14 months of hoping and leaping, I finished 2 chapters of my book and then crept down from my new "office" to hold Vera-lou, Brandi and Danny's newly adopted daughter*. And I kissed her little head and squeezed her little feet and whispered that she is deeply loved.




ebersole.fam-2-of- 7

Vera-lou is a beautiful little rainbow for me - a reminder of promises kept. She's squirmy, sleepy evidence that He plants desires in us and takes us on adventures to fulfill them.  Adventures are never easy - oh, it's been a long year!- but they have a way of forcing our reliance on God and on each other**. 




My corner saw miracles this year. I can't tell you how it all works together - the praying and hoping and the bravery- but I know that He doesn't change, so we saw miracles because we were looking for them. Because when you believe that a lot can happen in a inevitably does.


All photos taken by proud papa Danny at Ebersole Photography

*To learn more about Vera-lou's journey into our sitcom life, click here.

**Vera-lou came even earlier than we all hoped, so B&D are still raising funds for her adoption expenses. As newly-dubbed Auntie Koko, I am allowed to be pushy and say COME ON LOOK AT THAT FACE! DONATE TO VERA-LOU'S ADOPTION HERE. (Our awesome church has set up a fund, so you can go all tax-deductible with your generosity.)

Uncle Drew masterminded this welcome home art and he could not be more obsessed with its recipient.