True Cotton

As if these squinty little eyes hadn't had enough of a workout this weekend! Check out the latest from the Love Basket, all the way from my Charlotte corner (details at the end):


Those of you that have been with me a while know that this song has been an anthem of mine for years and carried me through some of my toughest days. You can imagine the delight filling up my little artist heart to see them laid out here in all of their loveliness and truth. You make beautiful things out of the dust, you make beautiful things out of us. 


My eyes are filling up again so I'll just quote myself to explain the significance here:

Hope, as with all good things, is something I need to choose over Fear.

It is a choice that springs forth from a heart that growls fiercely that it will not bow to fear or disappointment or despair. A heart that, scarred and pressed from every side, clings to the belief that after all, in spite of it all, despite it all…God is always good and I am always loved. And if those things are indeed true, then the appropriate amount of hope is infinite. 

These watercolors were made by the talented and lovely Arin over at True Cotton. Check out her Etsy shop and follow her on Facebook to see the latest editions! She does them all by hand and YOU KNOW YOU WANT ONE.

Thank you, Arin - your art made my day! And a special thanks to my southern soul sister, Lindsay, for knowing me and loving me well enough to add these to the Love Basket :)