I have a hard time writing about my friends. It is one of those things that sits so deeply in me that I have a hard time digging it out for presentation. I simply have the most incredible friends and I am so aware of the fact that without them, I would be just a hermit with a laptop. I should write about my people more often, but whenever I do, I bawl my squinty little eyes out, soak my laptop, need to replace the keyboard, fight with the guy at the Apple just becomes a whole thing.

But today I have constructed some eye-troughs and a laptop poncho, because THIS NEEDS TO BE SAID:

God has put some seriously top-notch humans in my corner. Every day they are hilarious and supportive and thoughtful and full of grace & wisdom...but this weekend, they outdid themselves. Like, the rest of my life is probably just one giant downhill slope from this weekend, because it could never be topped. Don't even try. No one give me anything ever again.

A group of us headed up to the snowy Vermont mountains for a weekend of cold-weather activities. Snow-shoeing, skiing, snowboarding -it was basically mini-Sochii. Sochiita, if you will. Of course, I am just a huge fan of cold-weather activities - and cold in general- as you can see in this picture:


(...Ok, so I hate the cold like a gremlin hates the sun. I'm convinced I simply have lazy capillaries and they saw the length of my limbs and just decided Nope, we'll travel to Knee and Elbow but then we're turning this car around and heading back to Torso. ) I could rant about the cold for days, but suffice it to say: it says a lot about my friends that I was as thrilled for this weekend as I was. I knew it would involve bonding and music and wine and puppies and laughter and I'll endure just about anything for that stuff.

And it was a blast.

I survived the outdoor sports, even winning gold in Snowshoe:

I'm iconic and Lisa is, like, silver maybe. Get it together, Lisa.

But nothing could have prepared me for Sunday morning. I woke up to a surprise breakfast celebration of ONE YEAR of full-time writing - complete with werewolf toast, mimosas and heartfelt speeches. Now, I'm not one of those girls who rolls out of bed looking adorably tousled...and I'm certainly not one of those girls who has that cute, quivering be gentle with the following photos.





Is there anything more powerful than when God's people look each other in the eye and speak words of love and encouragement?

Seriously, I've said it before and I'll say it again: if you have something nice to say, SAY IT. We pass courage on to each other. Deep calls out to deep and the Body repairs itself. Don't ever underestimate the power your words could have in someone's life and heart. Don't text it or email or tweet it...look them in the eye and say it. There's immense power there, for everyone involved.

When the tears slowed to a trickle, my corner presented me with the Love Basket, which contains notes and gifts of encouragement from my friends all over the world - enough to last me about a month! I've opened a few so far and the waterworks just spring back up. I'm so blessed. Dumbfounded and blessed.

love basket


The rest of the weekend looked like this:

lisapuppies VT-6460 VT.1-6580 VT-5807 VT.1-6054 IMG_20140220_213630big guy singing dogvermont boys hiking


















(Photos by Ebersole Photography, puppies by Pot O' Gold Kennel)

God cares for me in so many ways: in the quiet majesty of winter landscape, in the hospitality of some of His best people, in puppies, in laughter, in Big Guy's music and in the thoughtfulness of the people He's placed in my corner. I still firmly believe that our best worship is wonder and that's exactly what I feel after such a heartfelt weekend.

Love is so wonderful.

Thank you to my friends for such an unforgettable weekend. And thank you to those of you who contributed (and continue to contribute) to the Love Basket - I can't wait to see what else is in there!