5 Favorite Worship Jams.

You all read about my specific style of God-time in my New Year's post and saw my amazing musical skills in my Christmas Helium video, so I know you're just dying to know what's on my worship playlist these days.

Well, I'll tell you.

We all have our favorite musical genres and of course they tend to influence our preferences toward making a joyful noise. My mom rocks out to her Gaelic Women and Scripture Memory songs while my mother-in-law enjoys a good powerwalk with Petra. To each their own.

I grew up in a traditional church, singing mostly hymns (go ahead, challenge me to Obscure Hymn Sing-Off. Man of Sorrows? Bringing in the Sheaves? How Firm a Foundation? Bring it.) so I have a deep appreciation for theology-packed, old English lyrics. Drew, ever my opposite, grew up in a pretty contemporary megachurch, so when it comes to worship music, we agree somewhere in the middle: beautiful lyrics with a catchy chorus and perhaps a tasty guitar solo for Drew.

Worship music has always been a huge part of Drew's time with God, and I am only recently finding a place for it - I like to keep it on in the background while I pray and/or meditate and maybe I like to belt it out a little while I'm cooking. You'll find a full playlist at the bottom, but these 5 in particular are really killing it for me right now:

1. Brokenness Aside, by All Sons and Daughters

Will your grace run out if I let you down?

‘Cause all I know is how to run.

I am a sinner- if it's not one thing its another

Caught up in words, tangled in lies 

You are a Savior and you take brokenness aside And make it beautiful 





2. Everlasting God, by Fellowship Creative

You may recognize this as the song those two gorgeous best friends of mine rocked in this post. The lyrics are taken right from the Psalms and they are so simple - but isn't it the simple truths we so quickly forget? Like that we should not be afraid, that we set our hope on God, that He is faithful to us, that we will see His goodness. In an ideal world, my two soul sisters would sing me awake with this anthem every morning...but since they have selfishly chosen to have their own lives, I will settle for the recorded version.




3. Relentless by Hillsong United

Thanks to Anne, for introducing me to this video, which absolutely gives me chills. GET ME IN THAT ROOM AND SOMEONE HAND ME A TAMBOURINE, QUICK.



4. Love Came Down by Angie Miller

Here's a beautiful (original?) version but I just love the way Angie belts it out. Plus, she's a local girl and it's been such a thrill to see her career take off.


  5. Beautiful Things, by Gungor

You all know what a significant relationship I have with this song. I keep waiting for the meaning to wear down, for it to become less heartswelling for me. Hasn't happened yet, but I'll keep you posted. You make beautiful things out of the dust, you make beautiful things out of us. 


BONUS: I had to add a bonus, because I found it on my playlist and remembered that when those who beautiful girls were my roommates, they would sometimes sing it at night and man, it was like anesthesia.

LULLABY, by Pedro the Lion

Rest in me, Little David and dry all your tears. You can lay down your armor, and have no fear. 'Cause I'm always here when you're tired of running. I'm all the strength that you need. 


Lullaby by Pedro the Lion on Grooveshark


Below you'll find my full Grooveshark playlist, for your listening pleasure. Granted, it is meager, so I could use your suggestions. What are your favorite worship songs and/or groups?