Wordless Wednesday: Christmas edition

My dear sweet readers, I'm about to let you all deep, deep into the Clark weirdness. I like to think that all of my posts fit under the "commentary on the Christian culture" umbrella. But let's face it - this post is more like a wet homeless man that nudges his way under your umbrella while you wait at the bus stop and you don't have the heart to shove him back into the rain. (Is there a true story hidden in there? Maybe.)

So here is this weirdness. Take it as you will. I promise to write you a more thoughtful post next time.

Every Christmas Eve my mom presents us with surprise pajamas and every year there is a theme. That little lady schemes and giggles and crafts all year for this event and we are never disappointed. Her nugget-genius knows no bounds and only grows weirder the older and tinier she gets. Once we're suited up, we go take pictures and laugh ourselves silly. I'll give you a brief and recent history of Christmas jammies, so you can see how it's evolved (some may argue devolved...) into what it is today.

Year: 2009 - the year Drew joined the party and introduced us to Photobooth, Theme: Red





Year: 2010 - the year my parents got a woodstove, Theme: Lumberjacks and Lumberjills



Year: 2011 - the year we went snowmobiling in Vermont and forgot to take normal pictures. Also, the year I hit the Photobooth jackpot, Theme: snowgear

483874_10151367602728123_1038205991_n 1914_10151367603073123_1190978443_n 555000_10151367602138123_51912087_n (1)



Year: 2012- the year Suz joined the party and Ryan moved to LA, Theme: Hollywood



And then it was 2013.

Suz got promoted to fiancee.

My parents got cable...

...More specifically, A&E...


COME ON, we obviously did a Duck Dynasty theme.


We have never looked uglier or crazier or (dare I say it?) more like a low-budget Taliban recruitment poster.

2013-06-30 04.47.11

We made her laugh until she cried...and then we did this to her. Kids these days have no respect for their elders.


Extending a ridiculously belated Merry Christmas from my cuckoo family to yours.