Wordless Wednesday 11/6

What am I thankful for these days? Let's start with my amazing family, my talented friends and NEW ENGLAND IN THE FALL.

Jared, over at StopGoLove Photography+Video did an awesome job on our family portraits. He does mostly wedding photos and videos, but since he peed in my pool growing up and helped to bury most of my pets, he made an exception for us. We are not the most photogenic family, but Jared worked his magic and all of the pictures look as frame-worthy as this one:

Promo for our new reality show.


...But that's not quite as fun as showing you the ones that didn't make the cut.


Clark Family Photos 034


Clark Family Photos 082


Guess which one of us lives in LA.


Jared texted this to me with the caption "DDAAARRRRRR" and I laughed for hours.


Wait for it...


Happy Wednesday from all of us (me) at Werewolf Jesus, reminding you to count your blessings and call your mother.


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