things that i believe - pt. 1

Since Drew is on his way to becoming Professor Drew, and since his artistic mind hisses like an angry cat at any sort of paperwork,

and since I had a few minutes between obsessing over my student loans and obsessing over that faint whiff of dog poo- the origin of which I cannot seem to track down, 

I instead obsessed over 

I comandeered,

I helped him write his application essays for this new position. One of the questions asked about religious/spiritual beliefs and how he came to have them.

What do you believe in and why? 

Well, I am not a professor. I'm not even close. I own one blazer and I never learned to work a slide projector and I certainly don't care if you finished your reading this week. But I have some things I believe in. And I thought maybe I should share them and maybe we could talk about them and maybe if I post them one by one, eventually I will have some sort of manifesto and I can start my own cult.

Just kidding.

But here's what I've got so far:

1. I believe in hope. Yes, in spite of it all.

Did you know there are studies that prove children will not read a book without an element of hope? They'll put it down. They'll lose interest. It won't sell. Children's book publishers use it as one of their most basic requirements.

Is there hope in this story?

I think there are a lot of important things that we know intrinsically as children that we spend our adoselscence unlearning and then our adulthood relearning. Things like confidence, courage, tolerance, curiousity, unconditional love, self-love, wonder, joy, trust...and HOPE. Before we got jaded by a world that whispers nightmares, we were all partial to hope, considered it a necessity.

And if you could shut your adult mind up for five seconds and think about it, the littler versions of us had it right.

Without hope, what are we doing here? Why get up in the morning? Why fight through hard times? Why CPR? Why chemotherapy? Why charity?


I truly believe there is not only a reason for our existence, but hope for our existence. There has to be. I think most people would agree. Would you agree?


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