dead birds.

Readers, it is time to kill some birds.

Bird 1: I made a promise to myself to start posting once a week in 2013. But, alas, I will be unavailable for 2 weeks in February. One week to move to a new apartment and one week to go to on vacation.
Bird 2: I'm still pretty intimidated by this self-marketing idea. I need more followers but I can only ask you to follow me so many times before it feels a little sad.

Here, faced with two birds I so desperately needed to slay, I saw the light. A genius scheme hatched itself in my head and started pecking at my brain. Aha!


It's so simple, so elegant, so all-encompassing.
I've decided that the best way to put off the dreadful self-pimp and to keep my resolution is to let other people entertain you in my absence. We both get some free marketing and I don't break my self-promise! (I checked with the Official Blog Commissioner and he said it still counts as posting, so don't try to catch me on a technicality. What's his name? It's Bill....Willman...the third. Don't try to contact him he is out sick. Hernia.)

So, three of my favorite wordsmithing friends will be visiting over the next few weeks. They have agreed to write so well that you are satisfied with my decision but not so well as to steal your allegiance from me. It's a tricky balance, but one I feel confident they can achieve.
It only seemed fair to give them a topic, since I sprung it on them last minute and with no real option to back out. I thought that since I will be off moving and traveling, that JOURNEY might be a good topic.

No? You don't like it?
Well, I don't really care.
I just saw The Hobbit and journeys seem very invigorating and significant to me right now. Plus, it can be interpreted many ways, so maybe one of my guests will post a karaoke video of "Don't Stop Believing". You can't be mad about that.