Why do I love weddings so much? Thanks for asking. It's because, given our physiological makeup, our society's influence and our nasty human nature, a lasting marriage in this day and age is almost 100% impossible. 
And I LOVE when people try to do impossible things. 
For those of you who asked, here is what I read at Brandi and Danny's loveliest of weddings. If you think it sounds eerily familiar, you'd be right- I pulled some of it from what I read at Big Guy's wedding here . Artistic license, kids. 
In the book of Revelation, Jesus’ disciple John is trying to describe his vision of Heaven. He is the only man I know of to see Heaven and come back to tell about it. He describes it the best way he knows how, which amounts to a lot of really bizarre metaphors and illustrations. But the one that fills me with the most hope and the most joy is this:
John, trying to cram all of the perfection, beauty and unity he saw up there into our whisperingly fragile language, describes Heaven as a wedding feast.
He describes the meeting of God and His children as what we just saw, what we stood and rejoiced in, what we marvel over time and time again : a bride, making her gorgeous and thrilling walk toward her first love.
We’re in the middle of something achingly beautiful and sacred. Something that’s been planned for years, something that echoes with significance and eternity.
We’re here today to celebrate the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven.
The most important thing I’ve been told about marriage is that we don’t have it in us to succeed at it. We’re all broken – we’re not whole enough or pure enough for things like unconditional love or faithfulness. The best thing marriage will do is throw you at the feet of our God who is.
In truth, weddings are beautiful because God is faithful.
I’m reminded of His faithfulness as I see Brandi walk towards Danny, knowing her journey the way that I do and knowing that she really has been walking toward him for years and years now. I’m reminded of the watch that Brandi wears all of the time and how Danny found it when he was a little boy and saved it, hoping to someday give it to the woman he loved. And his faithful father led him straight to his Brandi-lin. You two have spent your lives seeking and capturing beauty and God led you here, to each other.
This is something to celebrate.
He went before you all of these years, bringing you to this place. And He will go before you always, being the strength you need to choose Love, the grace you need to choose hope and the wisdom you need for all of your adventures.
I’d like to close with a verse from Deuteronomy. It’s from a speech Moses is making to the Israelites – they’ve been wandering the desert for 40 years and at the edge of the promised land, they stop- afraid. Moses stands before them and starts weaving a beautiful history for them, reminding them of their journey to that place and how God has gone before them, faithful, every step of the way.
He tells them:
Fear the Lord your God and serve him. Hold fast to him and take your oaths in his name. He is your praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.
He is faithful, He makes us more than conquerors, bigger than our giants (?) and stronger than our fears.
Love goes before you, like He always has.
And Love will always win.

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