well, readers, i've got good news and bad news.

bad news first, always:
the agent 'passed' on representing me. wrote me a raving review but says his client load is full and he can't take on anyone new (especially a baby author like me). sad day. he was sure to let me know i am very publishable and that he loved my manuscript, so that softened the blow. so did the massive amounts of chocolate chip ice cream and dino nuggets i ate afterward.

good news:
now is my chance to cash in on all of those "ins" you have all been offering me these past months. for everyone whose brother's friend's roommate works at an agency or whose next door neighbor's dog walker works at Zondervan... hit me with it. we are back to square one...but in a good way. we are staying positive. we are exploring our options.

we are sick to death of dino nuggets.