latest and greatest.

still waiting to hear from the big, bad Agent.

thanks for all of the inquiries. in the meantime, instead of twiddling my abnormally long thumbs, i have been very busy. here's some of the many very important things i have done:

1. i set up a twitter. i'm still learning my way around the branches, tweetage and all that, but i'm on there. follow me, if you're into that thing. werewolfjesusbk
2. i removed the wallpaper in my bathroom. i was a little too enthusiastic in my removal. so then i spackled the holes and sealed everything up, forgot to ventilate and got a little high off fumes.
3. i roadtripped to pennsylvania and met my husbands entire family. there are alot of them and they all promised to visit my website so let's see who followed through. (guys, i know i said no pressure but let's be honest, i have been checking ever since...)
4. i got the thrilling news that my wisdom teeth removal surgery will take place on my birthday. superb.
5. i got my hair cut short. on the good days, i decide that i am very katie holmes-esque and that everyone envies my sleek, artsy style. on the bad days, i am convinced that i just look like johnny dep from the new, creepy willy wonka movie. i spend most days in an exhausting flip flop between the two ideas.
6. i wrote a proposal for A SECOND BOOK. i started getting inklings toward the end of Werewolf Jesus that there might be a second book rumbling up within me. it is so. more to come on that later but for now i will say i am calling it "Animangels" (i'm really into word fusion these days and if i need to spell it out for you, i will. animals and angels and the weird ways we humans are all at once both and neither.)

i'll keep you updated (hopefully via tweet...) on the book progress.

in the meantime, if you're new to the site, excerpts are in the archives, feel free to look around.