audio adrenaline.

i'll keep this short since i know all of our ears are a little flooded with haiti information lately.

...also i have no idea how many people actually read my blog thus how effective this will be.

all the devastation in haiti has me reeling and i'm flooded with the helplessness i discussed in the ashton kutcher post. i saw footage of all the dead bodies on the tv screen above as i was getting a root such thing as novacaine for the heart.

as i'm barraged with heartbreaking statistics, videos, pleas for help, my first response is GIVE. but then there's all of the ridiculous arguing over which organization is "better" to give to. people say the red cross only gives 33 cents to the dollar and bill clintons organization isnt much better. i dont much care about the percentage as long as these people are getting help.

my point: i just found out that the lead singer of audio adrenaline has had a nonprofit in Haiti for some years now and was there when the earthquake hit. you can donate to his organization on the "hands and feet" website...he's been blogging since the destruction hit and it's cool to hear exactly how they are helping people and how the money is being used.

come on, audio adrenaline was the best!