cheep cheep.

people have been congratulating me on my recent strides toward authorship. and while this makes me giggle and blush, it also makes me feel a little twisted inside. that feeling under your ribs that stabs you when you take credit for someone else's work.

i picture myself like this little baby chick - so fragile and shiveringly vulnerable. and the only reason i have made it this far is because so many sets of gentle, caring hands have been sent to carry me from one milestone to another. i know there are alot of dbags out there in the publishing world - yet somehow i have just been blessed with the most caring and genuine team of mentors and encouragers.

if it weren't for these people, i would have given up a long time ago. (or, if we are sticking to the baby chick analogy, i would have been crushed in a very Ozzy-esque frenzy by empty pockets, professors who say I'm too honest and the question "so what do you do for a living?" - not to mention the "ssshhhyea right" look that follows my answer.)

but how do you balance satisfaction over 6 months of hard work with the knowledge that you're really just this tiny fluffy creature who Someone is paving the way for?