jesus' credit card.

so drew's friend Jay from high school called saturday and said he was up from Texas with a ministry team, visiting a church they had planted in Beverly. so we went to see him and then went out for lunch afterwards with the ministry teams from both churches.

there was about 70 of us, so we packed out Acapulcos.

now, the people from this ministry team are all in their early 20's and have joined this year long program to just learn about Jesus. aka they have no money. i heard them all whispering among themselves how they were supposed to pay and it was pretty clear that they had come out for lunch just because they knew we all wanted to just spend time with them.

so the burritos and quesadillas make their way to our tables and then to our bellies and i head out to the bathroom and on my way back, see one of the women from the Texas team laughing with the hostess.

i ask her whats going on and she says,

"a stranger just called in and said 'there's a large group there and i want to take care of their bill' they gave a credit card number and hung up"

dude, that's like an easy thousand dollars.

as we were leaving, this scottish guy who sat near me just shook his head and muttered to himself "woa, that lady has Jesus' credit card number!"

i'd laugh but then i'm not so sure it's funny.