"my adventurous life...

...is writing and trying to publish a book called Werewolf Jesus about growing up Christian and how it affects your perceptions of God."

So most of you have probably already seen my blip on the Gordon radar, as i spit out this ridiculouly long sentence in the Adventurous Life commercial. I look a little undone and a little unsure.

Well, I am.

I had planned on giving the whole back story to this manuscript but I realize no one really cares about that. Let me just say that this was my Thesis for my Advanced Creative Writing class and with the vigorous encouragement of so many, my undone and unsure little soul is tiptoe-ing it into the publishing world.

Apparently, publishers are more willing to take a risk on first time authors if they already have a 'following'. Apparently, blogging is the new way to muster such a following.

I have 45 pages done so far and I'll post them one by two when I have time.