I grew up in the Christian culture and back in 2010, when I was fresh out of college and still knew everything with withering certainty, I started writing this blog – “a commentary on the Christian culture”. I had a dream that I would take down the The Christian Beast – that bloated, convoluted political mutant that we Millennials have famously grown to hate – from the inside, armed with my unmatched insights and glittering satire.

I don’t need to tell you that The Christian Beast is very much alive and well. But I like to think that along the way, banged up by reality and softened by joy and crystallized by grief, I've tumbled along into something more real and significant than mere social commentary. I found a community here- a ragtag little band of significance-seekers. People like me – too dark and twisty for the chirpy mainstream Christianity…but still deeply invested in Truth.

We asked enough questions that we began to realize… maybe that was the point all along. Maybe God is actually honored by our uncertainty and delighted by our wonder. Maybe we can be both deeply skeptical and doggedly devoted to truth. Maybe we can adore Jesus and be exasperated by Church. We can roll our eyes and then read the Word. Maybe we just keep trying. Together.


The Ernie to my Bert, the Andy to my April, the golden retriever to my badger. We couldn't be more opposite.

Drew loves people better than I do and has one of those uncannily good hearts. Like, I find it suspicious most of the time. He balances my cynicism and leavens my melancholy.

Drew runs a UX/UI consulting business (#sexynerd) and if I could carve a statue of him in his happy place, he would have a taco in one hand, a Moscow Mule in the other and he would be playing Spikeball with unnecessary enthusiasm.

Drew approaches most of life with unnecessary enthusiasm and it’s why I need and love him.

We met in college and our love story – like most- is simultaneously boring and beautiful and simple and complex. It is –quite literally- a story for another day.


Aidah and Noah. If you found us through Instagram you're probably here for these two ham sandwiches. Aidah is known for her insane vocabulary, fantastic mullet and karaoke performances. You can find her in her standard uniform: cowgirl boots, Peppa Pig underwear and a tutu, digging mud puddles in the backyard or dancing furiously to Latin music. In addition to our rascal on Earth and our baby in Heaven, we welcomed our girl Noah in December 2017. She, along with a smattering of French bulldogs, populates the hashtag #chunkylittlestinker and that's probably the best way to summarize her so far. She enjoys farting, Aidah and calories. In that order.


Anyway, that's us. And as the plaque that my parents proudly screwed into our door upon conversion declares, "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." I used to think that there wasn't a place for me to serve if I wasn't happy and shiny. But I'm learning just the opposite. I'm learning that I can serve with my honesty. I can clear space for my fellow wanderers, questioners, grievers, stumblers and scoffers. I hope you can find community here and we can worship together in the midst of our messy 'me too'. Thanks for visiting and let's keep in touch.